The Thirteenth Floor (1999) – Movie Plot & Review

You are in your thirties, a doctor of science. You have a dull personality, boring life, but fortunately´╝î with the advanced technology of the future of society, you can have cosmetic surgery, so you have a good look. You have the excellent working ability, but you have been working a lot so that you do not have the opportunity to meet many men. However, the research institute is the least short of monitors and men, and finally, you picked a colleague David and married him.

You feel that your marriage is not happy at all. Your husband is dull, uninterested and introverted, staring at the screen all day long watching some bloody and disgusting old horror movies. He is extremely dissatisfied with his father-in-law living in the same house with you, despising the old man from the countryside who only knows how to walk his dog and catch fish. The mortgage of the coastal house is almost borne by you, while all of David’s income is spent on computer hardware and old horror movie collection; you expect to marry a man who can build a home together, but you have to face a big, empty, cold room every day.

You want to change your life, but you don’t know where to start; you want to end the marriage, but you don’t have the courage to find the right man again; you want to escape by some means, but the problem is, that’s not the attitude of a good woman in science to face the problem.

There is a turning point when you see the latest edition of EA’s The Sims 2025, a brainwave experience that promises to give players 99 percent of the brainwave experience, it overlaps in some areas with your research topic, and more importantly, you have the technology to fill the other 1 percent.

You did not have to make much effort to convince David to buy a set of copy, setting the server in the houses, with the background for the 1999 Los Angeles. You establish their own role in the game, and then each began their own simulation of life.

You do have a plan in mind. By connecting the server to the lab’s latest AI emulator, the game NPC has gone beyond the limits of the program to the extent that it resembles a real person. This game is no longer a simulated life, but a real-life that exists in the electronic world. You have modified the brainwave experience program so that the player’s mind can descend to any NPC, which is no longer a brainwave experience, but a 100% soul transfer.

Unsurprisingly, David’s interest in the game quickly transferred from the self-built character to the AI-evolved NPC. He was busy with his daily obsession to experience various different lives, or through the power of God to change the fate of the NPC, and never paid any attention to his replacement, Douglas Hall.

By setting a 300:1 elapsed time between the game and reality, you will have enough time to change Douglas’s fate. His AI logic is based on David’s brainwave scans, which means he will inherit David’s surface consciousness – the part of David that attracted you before marriage; he will fight to start a business with Hannon Fuller, a character created based on your father’s brainwaves, which means they will build an unbreakable friendship between men. He is mainly responsible for external publicity and reception in the company, which means he will be an outgoing person with a funny sense of humor; he often experiences career trials, which means he will be a very decisive man; he is on the road all the time, which means he does not take money too seriously. In short, everything you expect from a perfect husband is reflected in this Douglas.

In order to verify your ultimate expectation, Douglas and Hannon’s business in the game is also to develop a virtual world with the same ultra-high degree of realism, through their experimental test data, you are convinced that your thinking is correct – come once in the secondary world consciousness of death, then supplement falls within the body of original consciousness will give back to the upper body of the world. In other words, soul migration is possible.

What happens next couldn’t be simpler: you descend into your character’s body, finding Douglas, sleeping with him, and of course, David, who has GM access, will soon know. The next time David will choose to descend on Douglas to catch him in bed, and then your GM Killer access NPC will appear in time to shoot him in the head. David’s consciousness is suspended, Douglas’s consciousness is recycled by the program, so the soul in David’s body becomes Douglas, and no one can find this out.

Your plan is unbelievably successful, just one week – that is, six years in the game, to completely transform David into a perfect husband. He is cheerful and deeply affectionate, believes he fell in love with you, at first sight, appreciates you bringing him into the real world, and gets along well with your father.

What else is there to regret? Technology makes everything is possible. As a good scientist who mastered technology, you will always be a winner in life. By the way, maybe it’s time to write something online summarizing the experience so that ladies know how to give their husbands a perfectly fitting soul under legal premises.

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