Angels & Demons 2009 – Movie Review

The movie Angels & Demons was presented like this, I must give Ron. Howard a five star.

Of course, this book is really easy to make into a movie: 

1. Religious knowledge is relatively simple. If you do not know the Bible about the story of “Mary Magdalene”, it is difficult to understand the search for the Holy Grail in The Da Vinci Code.

2. The creation of suspense is very successful, begins with killing the bishop every hour. The pace of the shooting is tight with a lot of heart-pumping scenes. The twist at the end is also very good, although the end of this type of science fiction suspense novel is generally a great reversal.

3. There are more fighting more, from the beginning of the eye, to later four different ways to kill. Then to Landon and the murderer’s fight, the last magnificent big explosion of ten thousand meters high jump, self-immolation in the fire With the sound effect, this movie is a blockbuster. And Hollywood has always been good at it in this way.

4. I always feel that the Vatican landscape is more mysterious than Paris, involving many religious ceremonies, which makes me feel fresh by watching the film. I heard that because of this, this movie is banned in China. It can be seen that the film rating system and the importance of building a harmonious society.

I would like to praise EWAN, I was fascinated by the papal champ at the beginning. He had such a delicate face, blond hair and blue eyes, and he wore a robe that tied around his waist.His gestures were full of seduction, and I suddenly felt that his charming accent was familiar, and then I realized he is from Moulin Rouge. Although Ewan is a little older and fatter, the charm is still there, and his acting skills are getting better. You see him weeping in front of the pope’s coffin, facing the bishop in charge of the election when several arguments. His desire for power and inner confidence for the victory. After knowing that his plot was successful, He Has the slightest movement of the look of triumph and the final conspiracy failed to flee. His expressions, body language, are appropriate in the movie.

The most gorgeous part of the film is the anti-matter explosion, which is a tragedy brewed by science and religion, because both science and religion while giving humans the power, are not given the moral ability to manipulate this power.

Of course, there are still some scenes were removed compared to the original film, personally, I think the beginning and ending were changed the most. For example, the beginning does not speak of the murdered professor’s chest was branded with an Illuminati logo, so the appearance of Victoria is somewhat abrupt, the appearance of the term Illuminati is also somewhat abrupt. Personally, I think Personally, I think it would have been a lot easier for Langdon and Victoria to have an adventure together.

The end does not mention the papal chamberlain’s life history, but it is because the papacy believes in science too much and wants to cooperate with the European Nuclear Agency to prove that the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis, by demonstrating the creation of the world by antimatter. This paragraph is left unsaid, leaving people confused as to why the papal chamberlain loved the pope so much but wanted to kill him. If only to understand his desire for power is obviously too underestimated the book and the film’s connotations, the understanding of “Angels and Demons” is less profound.

The world is full of contradictory sides, and it is impossible to comment on right and wrong after watching it. What a paradoxical thing.

In the end, the papal aide was actually the son of the Pope and the woman the Pope loved by artificial insemination, which was an important plot of the combination of science and religion, and would not be complete without it.

Science is too young to have recognized religion as its friend.

Religion is too old and has not yet recognized science as its friend.

I don’t know if I can say that, but look at Galileo, Newton and others in the struggle between religion and science, perhaps it will be understood that the film is a commercial film, in addition to some thought-provoking place.

Another cut is that after Langdon gets on the plane, he jumps 10,000 meters without a parachute. This scene is so ridiculous that it’s would be better deleted. Tom’s action scenes were not particularly good, seeing him track down the murderer is to give a few helpless side face, changed to him and Victoria looking up at the sky to spill a few tears, seems to add a sentimental factor to the movie. Unfortunately, the final ending did not save the classic Hollywood blockbuster kiss scene.

Of course, the wheelchair freak did not appear is also a small regret.

Of course, the film can be in a limited time to tell the story properly, faithful to the original and not bound to the original, it can be seen that the screenwriter’s skills are good.

I like the passage about Mary, John and Luke at the end of the movie, people who have read the Bible should understand the profound meaning behind this passage.

After listening to this line, the more I feel that the bishop in charge of the election is really had the temperament to be a Pope., well, this is also considered one of the weaknesses of the film version.

All in all, as a commercial film, the film is good enough. There is no merit, but the regular male and female protagonists, shining supporting actors (see his Oscar for best supporting actor), gorgeous Roman scenery, including enough to mess with the real Vatican set, the plot of the heartstrings. And after watching, when you think about it, there are so many things left.


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